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Arri Skypanel LEDs now available!

Our inventory of Arri Skypanels has increased significantly in recent months to include:

Arri Skypanel S120-C | Bi-color, adjustable green, gel colors, dmx | 12"x50" | 4 amps
Arri Skypanel S60-C | Bi-color, adjustable green, gel colors, dmx | 12"x25" | 4 amps
Arri Skypanel S30-C | Bi-color, adjustable green, gel colors, dmx | 12"x12" | 2 amps

Arri Skypanel USB remote with 15' cord
Intensifier front panel - boosts output 50%
Swivel backing plate
30' head to ballast power cable
Chimera softboxes with ring
Stand clamp for ballast

Features: all 3 versions have a tuneable color span of 2,800K to 10,000K, optional protocol for RGBW color control, full minusgreen to full plusgreen, 95 CRI & 90 TLCI, DMX control with choice of protocols, easily controlled from a DMXit 524 battery-powered dimmer console or Ipad with Luminair.

Additionally, 100s of Rosco and Lee gel colors are available and dial-able on the head, or remote box, or a dimmer console. Battery backs for the S30-C and S60-C offer portable solutions.

The S120-C is approximately 10% brighter than the S60 with double the width.

Sample of Photometrics:
Arri S60-C @ 5600                                    9.8 ft.                       16.4 ft.
S60 with standard white diffusion               115 fc                        41 fc
S60 with Intensifier                                   180 fc                        65 fc

Other LEDs in stock:
Lite Panel Astras with dmx control, optional battery power
Dedolight Bi-color 4.1 LED with 5-60º zoom
LiteGear Bi-color ribbon and cards

Time lapse videos

A day of Green Screen at Meets the Eye stage in San Carlos
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Check out my new 2-ton baby!
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Time lapse of our full shoot day at a club in Oakland in Jan, 2011
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