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Basic Rental Information & Insurance Requirements

Equipment Rental / Lease Agreement

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2-ton & 4-ton Grip Packages

4-ton Pre-loaded Lighting & Electric Packages

4-Ton Griptruck Expendables

HMI/Kino-flo/LEDs/Xenon Lighting

Tungsten Lighting

Electrical & Generators

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Basic Rental Information & Insurance Requirements

Lighting By Steinheimer supplies equipment and vehicles in accordance with the conditions set forth in the Rental Agreement contract.

Lighting By Steinheimer requires that all rental clients provide insurance for the book value of rented equipment to cover any loss or damage. Vehicle liability insurance is required for rented griptrucks. Dollies and generators require specific additional equipment coverage.

If you do not have production insurance I can refer you to Luke Gelineau at United Agencies Inc. in Burbank who can write a short-term production insurance policy for your shoot. 800-800-5880 He has a simplified one page Production Ins. quote request form that he or I can send you. Alternately you can secure a short term insurance policy from Cameron Woodward at Film Casualty Ins: c 619-578-3048

Loss payee amounts:

4 ton griptruck with lights $150,000

2 ton griptruck with lights $100,000

Fisher 10 or 11 dolly $125,000

500A Tow Generator $100,000

Insurance certificates should name Lighting By Steinheimer as loss payee with regard to equipment; vehicle liability should name Lighting By Steinheimer as additionally insured. Please contact us for specifics on other insurance limits.

All prices are for one day rentals. The minimum rental period is one day. Weekly and long term rates are available.

24-hour notice is required to avoid cancellation charges.

Prices in this catalog are subject to change without notice.

Normal business hours: Whenever you need me. Closed Easter Sunday and Christmas day.

Time lapse videos

A day of Green Screen at Meets the Eye stage in San Carlos
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Check out my new 2-ton baby!
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Time lapse of our full shoot day at a club in Oakland in Jan, 2011
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