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• NEW: Arri Skypanel LEDs

2-ton & 4-ton Grip Packages

4-ton Pre-loaded Lighting & Electric Packages

4-Ton Griptruck Expendables

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January 2015


New Arri Skypanels: S120s complete with Snapgrids, intensifiers, etc.

Cintenna wireless dmx system

DMXit 524 controller for Arri Skypanels

Chimera Lantern lights with choice of Bi-color LED core, 500w & 1k bulbs, or Joker Bug

Dedolight 7 LED with 5-60 deg. focus travel

New Dedolight Projection lense with 85 deg lense and 4 blades - brighter and sharper

Litemat 4 & 2L Plus (40% brighter)

American Blackbird stand (Hgt 18'!)

Quasar LED tubes

S4 LED Daylight HD leko

Fisher 11 dolly

Arri M90 HMI with high speed ballast

800 Jo-leko

Honda 6500 EU generator (7k), at 220 lbs. lighter and quieter than the old 50A putt-putt, built-in crystal sync, sound baffled, can reliably power a 4k PAR HMI.

1/2 softfrost in 6’ x6’, 8’x8’, 12’x12’, & 20'x20'

Magic cloth (Chimera white)  in 6'x6', 8'x8', 8'x12', 12'x12', 12'x20'

Time lapse videos

A day of Green Screen at Meets the Eye stage in San Carlos
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Check out my new 2-ton baby!
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Time lapse of our full shoot day at a club in Oakland in Jan, 2011
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