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Equipment and Services

Lighting By Steinheimer offers lighting and grip services for film, video production, and still photography. I own and operate 2- and 4-ton griptrucks, but I can bring anything from a 10-ton to 1-ton to the set, as well as generators, HMIs, tungsten lights, Kino-flos, dollies, speedrail, Chimeras, electrical distribution and cable, and crews to bring it all together.

Creative Lighting Design

Alan Steinheimer offers creative lighting for film and tape as gaffer and Lighting Director. Alan’s 20+ years of production experience brings focus and problem-solving muscle from the first phone call to the final invoice.

My strengths are my creativity, speed, and crew management. I can improvise until the sun goes down or comes up, or I can follow the DP’s game plan.

Business Philosophy

As an owner/operator/gaffer my goal is to offer the best quality service and A-team crews along with competitive pricing. Attention to details ranging from the latest griptruck design to pre-loaded lighting and grip carts ensures reliable and speedy delivery of all your ordered gear and more to the set. Working as the rental house and the gaffer keeps communication direct and responsive, without the woulda, shoulda of dealing with a separate rental house. By concentrating on quality and not volume I can guide your lighting and grip needs around production potholes and let you focus on the big picture.

Great gear, fast crews, creative problem solving.

time lapse videos

Check out my new 2-ton baby!
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Time lapse of our full shoot day at a club in Oakland in Jan, 2011
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