New 2nd Edition!

Lighting for video, choosing LEDs, lighting theory and practice, tips and pitfalls, and how to be a successful freelancer working in lighting and grip are all covered in this new edition brought to you by Alan Steinheimer, a working gaffer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Shaping Light for Video in the Age of LEDs: A Practical Guide to the Art, Craft, and Business of Lighting

2nd Edition | Focal Press (an imprint of Routledge Press)
By Alan Steinheimer
Paperback, 312 pages, 220 color illustrations
ISBN: 0367819090
ISBN-13: 978-0367819095

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A practical, hands-on guide to lighting for video, this book explores how LEDs are changing the aesthetics of lighting and provides students with an indispensable guide to the everyday techniques required to produce professional-quality lighting in the age of LEDs and wireless control options.

The book focuses on first-hand application of technical knowledge, beginning with simple lighting setups and progressing to more complicated scenarios, and features accompanying diagrams, illustrations and case studies to demonstrate their real-world application. Key topics covered include basic three-point lighting, lighting moving actors, set lighting and exposure, instrument selection, bringing style to your lighting, color temperature and the Kelvin scale, exterior lighting, lighting categories and genres, green-screen techniques, money and budgeting, and electricity and electrical distribution. The book also provides guidance on career paths including what a grip does, case studies with photos and diagrams, and an extensive glossary of set terminology to introduce students to the language of filmmaking.

A must-have resource for film and media production students taking classes in lighting and/or cinematography.

Table of contents:

  • Introduction
  • Acknowledgements
  • Chapter 1 Why we light
  • Chapter 2 Lighting basics
  • Chapter 3 Grip equipment basics
  • Chapter 4 Electricity
  • Chapter 5 Exposure and compression
  • Chapter 6 Color temperature, the Kelvin scale, and gels
  • Chapter 7 Refining portrait lighting and cross keying
  • Chapter 8 Planning for motion on set
  • Chapter 9 Background lighting
  • Chapter 10 Choice of lights: 3200K and Kino Flos
  • Chapter 11 LED lights
  • Chapter 12 HMIs
  • Chapter 13 DMX and controlling lights
  • Chapter 14 Green and blue screen
  • Chapter 15 Daytime exterior lighting
  • Chapter 16 Nighttime exteriors
  • Chapter 17 Types and genres of lighting
  • Chapter 18 Advanced electrical
  • Chapter 19 Generators
  • Chapter 20 Advanced gripping
  • Chapter 21 Introducing style to lighting
  • Chapter 22 Set safety
  • Chapter 23 Money vs. aesthetics
  • Chapter 24 Freelancing
  • Case studies #1-5
  • Glossary and set Vocabulary
  • Index